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Story of Siba

Since the early age of Solomon and in the arms of the holy place of Jerusalem, the soap industry has developed. It is an inherited fortune. Siba was born to the Palestinian Heritage as it grew up in a rural home in the village of Asira Al-Shamaliah, Nablus.

Siba has incorporated the originality of the ancestors with the creativity of the descendants. This soap industry has been developed using examined and scientific methods in which natural ingredients and medical herbs were included to resist skin problems and diseases. Being 100% natural and organic, Siba makes an excelent choice for the sensitive skin and all types of skin as well as for all age groups even for children.

(Be Sure and Feel Safe)

* Your health is in good hands.
* Our products are subject to constant monitoring and lab examinations.
* Our product’s cover and wrapping are safe and healthy.
* Our soap industry is environment-friendly.
* And our trade is fair.

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